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How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Pennsylvania?

According to Nolo’s research, the average Pennsylvania divorce costs about $6,500. The average cost of divorce in Pennsylvania without a lawyer is $500. The average cost of divorce in Pennsylvania with a Lawyer is $12,500.

For those considering marriage dissolution, it is important to know various aspects and details of the divorce process. One of the top questions people have when facing a divorce is: how much does the divorce cost? There is no definite answer to this question. The total cost depends on many factors and can range from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars.

Divorce costs are directly related to the number of aspects that the spouses cannot agree on. The more issues a divorce attorney helps you solve, the more money you will need to pay. You can surely save money by refusing the services of a legal representative, but there is a possibility that serious mistakes due to ignorance of the law or the intricacies of the judicial process will make you pay a much higher price as a result.

In this article, you will learn more about the cost of a mutual consent divorce, the factors that increase divorce expenses, and the importance (and cost) of an attorney in divorce proceedings.

How Much Does a Mutual Consent Divorce Cost in PA

Mutual consent divorce is perhaps the best option if you want to save time, nerves, and money. To apply for the divorce by mutual agreement, both spouses must:

  • admit that their marriage is irretrievably broken;
  • agree to the divorce;
  • be willing to sign an agreement of their consent to the divorce.

The cost of uncontested divorce in PA may include the following expenses: up to $400 in court fees and up to $6,000 attorney’s fees. Using an online service is a relevant option when you enter the suit of the uncontested divorce. By ordering help with the forms on our website, you can significantly reduce the cost of the divorce process. In this way, paying the divorce papers cost will remain almost the only issue that spouses will have to face at the time of initiation of the official dissolution of marriage.

In most cases, the parties to divorce proceedings by mutual consent do not require the assistance of legal representatives. If the agreement reached is in the interests of both spouses and their children, the judge will accept it.

Divorce Factors Resulting in Higher Costs

An uncontested divorce price can be up to $1000 if the spouses turn to the help of online divorce services. However, it is a common situation when spouses fail to reach the mutual agreement on the divorce. The following factors greatly increase the cost of the divorce proceedings:

  • Conflicts between spouses regarding fundamental divorce issues. Disagreements regarding child custody, alimony, and the division of property will significantly increase the number of court hearings, and consequently, the parties will incur more legal charges.
  • Custody disputes and related costs. Child custody evaluation is an additional expense on top of attorneys’ fees.Such an assessment often requires the involvement of a number of expert witnesses who provide the court with arguments regarding the appointment of medical and orthodontic care or the choice of school for the child
  • Large and diverse family assets or marital debts. The duration and costliness of the divorce procedure directly depend on the amount of marital property of the spouses. Generally, cases with the division of assets, real estate, investments, and debts require the involvement of a real estate appraiser, financial analyst, and, in severe cases, a forensic accountant.
  • The divorce attorney fees. To get a high-quality legal support in the divorce case, it is necessary to hire a qualified lawyer, whose services are usually an expensive investment. To reduce costs, a relevant option for spouses is to reach a full agreement on the divorce issues and use an online service instead of hiring a lawyer. On our website, you can order the forms needed for your specific case and the instructions on what to do next after the forms are ready; this way, you will save time and avoid possible issues with filing with the court.

How Much Does It Cost to File for Divorce in PA

The divorce filing fees charged by the courts typically average at $300. Filing costs may vary depending on the county in which the divorce takes place. For example, in Philadelphia County, the first-time filing fees include Base Fee ($189,2), Family Court Facility Fund ($37,84), Law Library (37,84), etc., and the total sum in this case is a bit more than $330.

Despite the fact that the cost of filing for divorce in PA is affordable, some citizens may still not be able to pay it due to their financial situation. In such a case, they may fill a special form In Forma Pauperis, providing evidence that their current income does not allow them making all the required payments.

How Much Do the Services of the Divorce Lawyers Cost?

A lawyer’s experience and knowledge directly affect the cost of their legal services. The average divorce lawyer fees in Pennsylvania are about $300 per hour. It is important to understand that the more unresolved disputes remain between you and your spouse, the more time you will have to interact with your legal representative. As a result, you can get an impressive bill.

Some additional factors that greatly influence the cost of divorce attorney are presented below:

  • The experience of the lawyer. A highly professional specialist with a track record of many successful caseswill charge much more than a young lawyer without relevant experience.
  • Lawyers in major cities and counties have higher hourly rates than their counterparts in smaller communities.
  • The presence of children, property, and debts. The consideration of such cases is usually characterized by the contentious issues and the accompanying paperwork. Thus, the divorce process is delayed and the amount of expenses for both parties increases.

Based on the foregoing, a cheap divorce in Pennsylvania is possible, but only in the case when the spouses divorce by mutual agreement, having previously resolved disputes regarding their property, child custody, and debts. An uncontested divorce with a help of an online service will allow the couple to save thousands and spend around $500 on the whole divorce case.

In other situations, it is strongly recommended to use the services of a good divorce attorney. It may hit your wallet here and now, but divorce in Pennsylvania without a lawyer can bring much more negative consequences in the form of a disadvantageous division of property or irrevocable child custody decisions. In turn, the availability of high-quality protection in the court will allow you to avoid such issues and give you the opportunity to count on a fair and most favorable court decision in your contested divorce case.

Getting forms online is much more affordable than hiring a lawyer since the flat fee we charge is less than the 1-hour rate of any family law attorney. We have no hidden fees and do not charge for extra paperwork.

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